Terms & Conditions


Elements Company Limited and all of it’s affiliates releases itself from any claim that may arise outside of absolute neglect on the company’s end.

Our insurance coverage and its applicable claims and terms apply that may result while authorized driver is contracted and an incident occurs. Or, where passenger through charter has acquired our services.


  • We do not condone any fighting, shoving or physical disturbances on our vehicles. Disrespectful behavior; such as name calling, bullying, berating, belligerence, littering or any other of this nature is strictly prohibited. If this behavior is engaged in or encountered; passenger may be asked to leave the vehicle immediately so as not to pose a risk to any other passengers. In case of school charter, parents will be advised immediately. In both instances, this is a breach of contract and services can be immediately discontinued without refund.
  • We advise you book private charter ‘EVENTS’ well in advance to prevent disappointment. A 50% deposit is required for charter services upon booking. The balance is due in full two weeks prior to event date. Your deposit will not be refunded if balance is not paid and service is no longer required once you reach the two-week deadline.
  • A full refund of deposit can be issued two months prior to scheduled service/s for private charter ‘SCHOOL’. No refund will be given after this time. We advise that you book early so your child may secure a spot.
  • Your child MUST be at the predetermined assigned area for collection ON TIME. We operate on a time based schedule and are unable to search for them. There will be no refunds issued if your child misses the bus.
  • The only pick up and drop off locations will be those on file that you would have initially provided. For security reasons, we are unable to take calls to make changes or amendments. Any change in pick up (specifically) from school will be outside of our pick-up drop off services. Routes will not be changed or amended. Any changes must be made by authorized person (Parent/Guardian) in writing in advance.
  • It is agreed upon by booking our services, Elements Company Ltd. Is indemnified from any loss of luggage, items or valuables left in the vehicles. Also, from any incident occurring on the vehicles that may result in harm or injury.
  • You are bound by these terms and conditions (private charter and rental contract) herewith once you acquire services.

Special Addendum for Carifta Games 2023

Your purchase of services is your agreement with Elements Company Ltd. (hereon referred to as ‘The Company’) terms and conditions. The Company Is indemnified from any loss of luggage, items, or valuables left in the vehicles. Additionally, any incident occurring in the vehicles that may result in harm or injury.  The Company is not responsible for persons missing the bus due to negligence. Buses will run on a schedule and predetermined route without deviation. The Company will have signage on the buses indicating tournament affiliation. No refunds will be issued for services paid for but not used in portion or entirety. If you book and are unable to travel for unforeseen circumstances, The Company must be advised within 24 hrs of the scheduled flight arrival by email. The Company drives under covid protocol conditions. This means masks must be worn while in transit on the vehicles.  Vehicles are not handicap-equipped. Please advise of any special needs services requests in writing before completing the booking process. Sales are Final.

Carifta transportation packages are available for patrons of major hotels in the Nassau and Paradise Island areas. Included but not limited to Bahamar, Breezes Superclubs, Courtyard Marriott,  Margaritaville,  Warwick, Comfort Suites, Atlantis, RIU. 

Carifta transportation packages does not include transfers to and from Airbnb’s.  If you are booked with an Airbnb property, please reach out to us before purchase so we can advise.